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We are specialists in Integrated Constructed Wetlands, Wetland Landscaping and Ecological & Aquatic Assessments.

VESI Environmental Ltd – a company specialising in water and land services and at the forefront of innovative ‘green/blue’ technology, delivers cost effective sustainable solutions with strong associated coherencies in social, economic and environmental management.

VESI and its associates are pioneers in the development and application of the ‘Integrated Constructed Wetland’ (ICW) concept used for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters including effluents from dairy, swine and meat processing facilities which range in size from 0.1ha to 10ha.

VESI Environmental Ltd focuses on the design, construction and operation of Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICWs) for treating wastewaters from domestic, municipal, industrial and rural sources. ICW systems have a much commended record and provide comprehensive, sustainable and low cost treatment solutions including that for the food processing industry.

Using local soil-based liners, VESI’s treatment systems optimise the biogeochemical treatment processes that naturally occur in tall-vegetated wetlands. This approach greatly reduces the capital, operational and maintenance costs involved in waste water treatment, whilst simultaneously generating new valuable resources/services such as sequestering carbon and nutrients, reusable water and other ecosystem benefits.

Moreover, as low external energy requiring systems largely constructed from local materials and optimising residual use, VESI’s ICWs are a paradigm of the sustainable ‘green economy’ increasingly called for by society.

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