Integrated Constructed Wetlands for Industrial Applications

Natural wastewater solution for industrial applications

Reduce operational costs with a naturally sustainable solution

Our pioneering sewage & wastewater management are more cost effective so will save money compared to conventional based systems

Generate and process less waste in an efficient manner

ICWs are environmentally efficient with no waste products. Accumulated end products are completely recyclable

Attract new clients by highlighting your green credentials

Impress your clients with the latest environmentally friendly solutions in a growing eco-conscious world  

Common ICW Use Cases

Mining & Quarrying

Mining & Quarrying

An ICW provides passive treatment for mine and quarry drainage


Manufacturing & Production

We work with a multitude of industrial applications treating wash and wastewaters, meeting compliance and reducing operations and maintenance


Agricultural Applications

ICW has its origins in managing agricultural waters, with 20+ year ICW systems showing continued high performance



Hotels, golf courses and leisure centres benefit from an ICW with low cost water treatment, amenity and an aesthetic landscape

Case Studies

"After all this work was completed we now represent a sustainable, coherent and novel approach to farmyard and land runoff waters"
John Purcell
Good Herdsmen Organic Meats, Tipperary

How does an Integrated Constructed Wetland manage wastewater?

The Integrated Constructed Wetland (ICW) concept is an ecosystem-based, ecologically engineered and multi-disciplinary approach to the management of a diverse range of water source and flow challenges. These may be lightly or heavily contaminated, high or low flow.

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How do an Integrated Constructed Wetland compare to conventional methods of cleaning wastewater? 

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