Comparing an Integrated Constructed Wetland to Conventional processing

Differences at a glance

Integrated Constructed Wetland Conventional Method
Maintenance required to work at optimal levels
Routine Checks
Constant Maintenance
Chemical requirement to clean wastewater and remove pollutants


Environmentally friendly that enhances wildlife & breeding habitats
Creates a bio-diverse eco system
Robust & Reactive? Can hold water back and deal with sudden increase in flow?

Yes - Increased water retention & lag effect of discharge

Limited - Maximum operation loading based on infrastructure

Aesthetically pleasing to visitors?
Landscaped to blend into natural surroundings
Large mechanical machinery
Estimated Setup Cost
Low - Medium
Medium - High
Estimated Running Cost
Medium - High
Approved for ELV discharge license?

Comparative cost factors typical for wastewater treatment systems

Conventional wastewater treatment (WWT) systems

Energy & Operations typically > 90% less than conventional WWT

Capital investment typically 60-80% less than conventional WWT (including land cost)

Disadvantages of Conventional System

Benefits of an Integrated Constructed Wetland

  • High Infrastructure Costs

    Both the initial capital outlay and the ongoing maintenance requirements

  • Constant Use of Chemicals

    In a world increasingly more aware of environmental risks and challenges, highlighting green credentials is a critical part of a companies marketing persona

  • High Operational & Maintenance Costs

    High energy costs of running a WWTP with associated maintenance costs

  • Low Running Costs

    Whilst there is still an initial capital outlay for a wetland, the long term maintenance and running costs are greatly reduced

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Not only does an ICW use no chemicals to process waste, the surrounding area of the wetland is aesthetically pleasing and blends with its surrounding

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

    In a time of taxed carbon emissions why not reduce your carbon footprint with an ICW!

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