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9th International Symposium on Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control

On 13th September, the 9th International Symposium on Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control was held online via BOKU University, Vienna Austria. A wealth of international presentations were given in up to 3 parallel sessions, with keynote talks given by industry leaders, Nataša Atanasova, Kela Weber, Myrto Nikolakopoulou, and Dr. Gilles Pinay.

As ever, WETPOL offered up-to-date topics for discussion, such as Nature-Based Solutions for Urban settings, something that is close to our heart these days, while also examining functionality and biology of wetland biota. Technically tricky and globally variable issues such as Evapotranspiration systems were presented along with aerated systems.

A regular “elephant in the room”, Diffuse Agricultural Pollution was also a great session to listen and watch some familiar faces present their work. In Ireland, diffuse pollution from agriculture is a topic that demands greater attention, especially with the new CAP reform on the immediate horizon. The overarching topic of urban settings and modern society was of great interest with some excellent talks. VESI is actively engaged with an international research consortium examining the role of NBS solutions in urban planning and is particularly interested in the global developments in this field. For us, the 3 talks that were of noteworthiness were in relation to Microplastics Removal by Lina Büngener, Flow pathways and evapotranspiration in Raised Bogs by Shane Regan, and Eco Design to sanitation using microalgae and constructed wetlands by Elizandro Oliviera Silveira.

We look forward to the next WETPOL conference and indeed hope to be a part of it.

Niamh oversees the marketing and administration of VESI Environmental. She is constantly researching industry developments, showcasing current projects and highlighting any news in the world of Integrated Constructed Wetlands