Integrated Constructed Wetlands

The environmental sustainable way of managing waste water in your home

Our team of industry experts can help you...

Deal with domestic wastewater using natural solutions​
Save money compared to conventional chemical systems
Gain building consent with a nationally recognised system​
Treat wastewater in areas of poor percolation
"We are delighted with our ICW system. Other conventional options were not suitable for our site and the ICW just enhances the property so much. It’s lovely to look at and it’s a feature of our home, rather than something hidden in the background.

VESI were great to deal with and made the design process straightforward, helping us with planning too. We couldn’t be happier with it. "
Elaine & Renars
Home Owners & VESI Customers, Waterford

How does an ICW clean my wastewater?

An Integrated Constructed Wetland is a series of shallow cells (usually around 3) connected by pipework and densely planted with a mix of emergent wetland vegetation.

Wastewater from the household is collected in a septic tank and overflows are directed by gravity or pump to the ICW for treatment through natural processes.

ICW systems can be incorporated and made a landscape feature in or near the garden. Where conventional systems are buried and hidden, ICWs can be incorporated and celebrated as part of the landscape, while creating a high water quality system.

ICWs are recognised by EPA and Local Authorities

What will my ICW look like?

An Integrated Constructed Wetland (ICW) is designed to work in harmony with the landscape and environment around it. Densely vegetated with tall emergent plant life. You probably wouldn’t even recognise it was a wetland area.

What are the key benefits of an Integrated Constructed Wetland?

Poor Percolation Sites

Poor soil percolation in your area or wet or boggy ground? This means that a typical septic tank or package plant with percolation will not work on your site. Uniquiely ICWs provide a safe and dependable solution

Environmentally Friendly

Integrated Constructed Wetlands are environmentally friendly, sustainable and provide a solution in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Promoting Wildlife

Integrated Constructed Wetlands provide enhanced wildlife habitat and biodiversity within your garden. ICWs also act as a sink for nutrients and carbon rather than releasing them into the environment.

Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Integrated Constructed Wetlands are largely self-maintaining with little or no energy requirements.

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