How do I get an Integrated Constructed Wetland for my dwelling?

We've made the whole process as straightforward as possible and are there to assist you every step of the way

1: Initial Site Assessment​

VESI Environmental carry out site assessment using online databases to provide initial background information and site potential. VESI Environmental provides a full suite of services to develop a natural solution to wastewater treatment on your site - initial assessments are free, please contact us to arrange.

2: Site Visit

A site visit and investigation is carried out to obtain information about the setting, ground conditions and site requirements. Soil samples are taken and tested to determine suitability of on-site soils to build and operate an ICW

3: Approval

VESI Environmental encourage clients to contact their local authority for approval, prior to the decision to install an ICW. VESI can work on behalf of the client to liaise with the relevant local authority departments.

If you are building a new house, the ICW can be submitted as part of the planning application.

4: Design

VESI Environmental will draw up the relevant plans and details in accordance with Government Guidelines for approval and submission to relevant authorities.

5: Construction

Once agreement has been reached with the client and local authority, construction can begin on site. VESI Environmental can organise all plant hire and equipment necessary for construction and supervise the delivery of the scheme.

6: Planting

VESI Environmental have a dedicated wetland plant nursery supplying plants for the landscaping stage of the ICW.

All wetland cells are densely planted with a mix of sedges, rushes and Irises. At this stage, any landscape works that have been agreed will be carried out.

7: Aftercare

VESI Environmental will draw up a specific low-maintenance plan for your site. This will include all checks that will be made in a simple to follow procedure.

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